Hey everyone. We’re excited to share our new chicken entrees with you. These tasty items have been inspired by our chefs’ culinary travels around the world and we’re sure you’ll be delighted by the inspiration they bring you.

Classic Menu

The Grilled Chicken Tuscany is a fresh marinated, boneless, chicken grilled and topped with an array of seasonal grilled vegetables topped off with a buttery herb and lemon veloute sauce. Yumm.

Next, to join our classic menu is the Chicken Florentino. This delicious, tender, white chicken is stuffed with a flavorful spinach, baby kale, and artichoke filling. It is then roasted and topped with creamy white wine and a feta cream sauce.

We’re sure you’ll love our new take on the classic Chicken Cordon Bleu! Tender boneless chicken breasts are filled with smoked ham, tangy Swiss cheese and topped with fresh asparagus and chardonnay cream sauce.

New to our Something Special are two chicken dishes you’re sure to love!

The Braised Chicken Positano is a thinly prepared chicken breast stuffed with Italian cheeses, prosciutto ham, and fresh basil. The dish is roasted and topped with our housemaid marinara and shaved parmesan cheese.

The fifth item to join our new chicken selections is our Chicken Acapulco. This marinated chicken breast is char-grilled and topped with crispy Serrano ham, creamy cheddar queso and with house-made twin salsas of homemade peccadillo and tomatillo relish. DELISH!

There it is! Five new chicken dishes that are sure to be the hit of any party, but stay tuned! The new menu items aren’t over yet. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to hear about new menu items and special offers.

If you’re ready to taste one of these new chicken entrees, fill out our contact form or email ann@hecyes.com to set up your free, complimentary tasting.

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